20th IALA Conference 2023 Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Marine Aids to Navigation – Innovation for a Sustainable Future

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Industrial Members Exhibition

In this section you will find the necessary application, guidelines and useful information to ensure you have an enjoyable exhibiting experience. Please remember to make your aplication until the deadline date.

General Information

Exhibition Hall & Floor Plan

Required Documents

Exhibitor Profile

Further information will be available for Exhibitors in this website soon.


20th IALA Conference 2023 Industrial Members Exhibition


May 29th - June 2nd, 2023 - daily from 09h00 to 18h00


Windsor Convention & Expo Center - Ground Floor

Numbers of booths



The Industrial Members entitled to exhibit are those who pay their contributions for the 2 years preceding the Conference (2021 and 2022), in addition to the Conference year (2023)

* All dates and hours are based on Brasilia (BRA) Official Time (GMT -3)

The Exhibition Secretariat will be available prior and during the exhibition periods and throughout the Conference to assist all participants.

For inquiries or assistance, or if you have any questions about the event or the Industrial Exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact through: exhibition@iala-brazil2023.rio.br

20th Iala Conference 2023

How to proceed

Step 1 - Online Registration for Participation

Industrial Members must fulfill online registration in Official Website to confirm the interest on participating of the Industrial Exhibition.

Step 2 – Access to Booth Plan and Reserve

At 12:00 UTC on October 19th, 2022, the registered Industrial Members will be able to access the active Booth Plan for booth selection and reservation (just click on the desired booth).


a. Each registered Industrial Member can apply to a reservation only once. Exhibitors are requested to carefully select and apply for booths. Change the number and location of booths will not be allowed after the reserve is confirmed.

b. Industrial Member who have reserved a booth, but not approved later to participate in the Industrial Exhibition, will have their reservation automatically canceled.

c. Booths which reservation has been canceled will be made available again at a date and time to be widely published.

Step 3 – Payment

The Exhibition Secretariat will send an invoice and banking information after confirming the booth application. Exhibitors are required to make the invoice payment within fifteen (15) days.


a. Booking will be automatically cancelled if payment is not confirmed within fifteen (15) days after invoicing.

b. Exhibitors can cancel the booking at any time with no cancellation fee charge, within fifteen (15) days after invoicing.

c. It is included with the booths:

  • Single standard booths: 1 Delegate and 1 Exhibitor
  • Double standard booths: 2 Delegates and 2 Exhibitors
  • Triple standard booths: 2 Delegates and 3 Exhibitors
  • Quadruple standard booths: 2 Delegates and 4 Exhibitors

    • d. Exhibition Fee is non-refundable.

20th Iala Conference 2023

Exhibition Fee

Exhibition Fees

Standard Booths

Standard booth is 9 m2 (3m x 3m). Exhibitor can opt to group 2, 3 or 4 booths to form its stand, since the proposed basic layout is respected.

Cost of First Standard Booth

€ 4,660

Cost of Second Grouped Standard Bootd

€ 4,660

Cost of Third Grouped Standard Booth

€ 3,900

Cost of Fourth Grouped Standard Booth

€ 3,900

Space Only

Costs above will be reduced in 10% for Space Only contracts.

Special Space

Cost for external space (per m²)

€ 188

Other Fees

Additional Delegate Fee   

€ 980

Additional Exhibitor Fee   

€ 490


a. The delegates and exhibitors included with the booths or additionals include:

  • Conference Delegate: full access to the conference sessions, coffee breaks and lunches throughout the conference and access to all social events planned for the conference.
  • Conference Exhibitor: including coffee breaks and lunches throughout the conference and access to all social events planned for the conference.

b. Each second, third and fourth booths do not include Delegate Fees or Exhibitor Fees.

c. 36 m2 Special Space external area of Windsor Convention & Expo Center is available for oversize or overweight exhibitions. Special Space is considered an extension of internal booths and cannot be contracted separately.

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