20th IALA Conference 2023 Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Marine Aids to Navigation – Innovation for a Sustainable Future


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Industrial Members Exhibition Registration

For online registration, you need to sign up first in the the official website.
If you are not able to register online, you are requested to contact the oficcial Conference Website developer by the e-mail (registration@iala-brazil2023.rio.br).

If you have not received an acknowledgement of registration after making your registration payment, you are requested to contact the official Conference Website developer (registration@iala-brazil2023.rio.br) adding a copy to the Conference Customer Attendance Service (contact@iala-brazil2023.rio.br).

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I have read and agree with the privacy policy and cancellation policy.
I hereby declare that all information provided by me is true and I am aware that they will be subjected to analyses and confirmation
Disclaimmer: The participation as an Industrial Exhibitor does not include the participation in the technical sessions of the conference.

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