20th IALA Conference 2023 Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Marine Aids to Navigation – Innovation for a Sustainable Future


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Registration Guidelines - Conference

Online Registration Process

Any registration (before and during the 20th IALA Conference 2023) will only be available at the Conference official website (www.iala-brazil2023.rio.br).

Onsite registration should be as much as possible avoided, in order to prevent late attendance for any seminars or technical sessions, specially at the first events of daily Programme.

It is recommended that you register for the seminars (on May 27th and 28th, 2023) as early as possible, since it's availability is more restricted.

For online registration, you need to sign up first at the the official website.

If you are not able to register online, you are requested to contact the official Conference Website developer by the e-mail ( registration@iala-brazil2023.rio.br ).

The Registration process (including complete fee payments) should be completed first in order to enable the participation at any Conference events.

If you have not received an acknowledgement of registration payment by e-mail, you are requested to contact the official Conference Website developer (registration@iala-brazil2023.rio.br) adding a copy to (contact@iala-brazil2023.rio.br).


Registration Release

Register for the Conference

Conference registration release

Registration Fee Payment

Confirmation of Payment

Registration Completed

Conference Fees (taxes included)

to expire current Keydate!
Category Early Bird Extended
(Payment accepted
until  Feb 14th)
(Payment from
Feb 15th - May 19th, 2023)
Late Registration **
(Payment from
May 20th - June 2nd, 2023)
1 - Full Conference Standard fee € 1,880 € 1,990 € 2,100
2 – Partner fee (per Person) € 270 € 295 € 318
3 - Full 1-day conference fee € 540 € 595 € 650
4 - Full Conference IALA Honorary Member fee € 965 € 1,000 € 1,050
5 - Full Conference IALA Sister Organization with MoU fee* FREE FREE FREE
7 - Full Conference IALA Sister Organization without MoU fee € 1,692 € 1,791 € 1,890
8 - Full Conference IALA Team Staff fee FREE FREE FREE
9 - Full Conference Brazilian Navy Authority fee FREE FREE FREE
10 - Conference Dinner (additional ticket) € 80 € 88 € 100
11 - Gala Dinner (additional ticket) € 80 € 88 € 100
12 - 4th IALA Heritage Seminar – two days event (May 27-28th, 2023) € 175 € 177 € 180
13 - Pre-Conference Seminar fee (May 28th, 2023) FREE FREE FREE

* Up to two delegates

** Onsite Registration will only be available from May 27th, 2023 at the Conference venue registration desk.

*** To make the payment, you can choose between the methods: Credit Card and Bank Deposit (Invoice).

International Credit Cards that will be accepted at checkout: Credi Cards Accepted

Registration fee includes... What is included in each type of registration?

Full entry registration fee (Standard fee, Honorary Member, Sister Organization)

Access to the Conference and Exhibition Sessions

Welcome Reception

Conference Dinner

IM Evening

Gala Dinner

Lunches and Coffee Breaks

Conference Documentation

Conference Bag

Partner registration fee

Partner Registration Fee

Partner Program

Welcome Reception

Conference Dinner

IM Evening

Gala Dinner

4th IALA Heritage Seminar registration fee

Access to the Seminar Sessions on May 27th and May 28th, 2023 (two days event)

Documentation of the Seminar on the two days

Lunch and Coffee Break on the two days

Technical Visit to “Santa Cruz” Lighthouse

Full 1-day Conference fee

Access to the Conference Sessions on the Day

Access to the Exhibition on the day

Lunch and Coffee Breaks on the day

Conference Bag

Pre-Conference Seminar registration fee

Access to the IALA WWA Seminar Sessions on Sunday May 28th, 2023

Documentation of the Seminar on the day

Coffee Break on the day

* All dates and hours are based on Brasilia (BRA) Official Time (GMT -3)

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