20th IALA Conference 2023 Rio de Janeiro - Brazil Marine Aids to Navigation – Innovation for a Sustainable Future

20th IALA International Conference: The Logo Concept

In the logo design created for the IALA 20th International Conference, significant elements linked to the fact that this great event will take place in Brazil, more specifically in the city of Rio de Janeiro, were used.

Highlighted and in the foreground, resting on a “brushstroke of sea”, alluding to the Brazilian sea, there is a drawing of the ancient Lighthouse of "Ilha Rasa" (Rasa Island), the first to be built in Brazil after Independence from Portugal, in 1822, reason why it is often affectionately called "The Lighthouse of Independence".

At the background, in a stylized way, the outline of a section of the mountain range which permeates the city of Rio de Janeiro is shown, from an unusual point of view, as if seen from the upper balcony of the "Ilha Rasa" Lighthouse, that is, the same view as Sailors have when approaching the "Guanabara" Bay, inside of which Rio de Janeiro was founded. Also, in the aforementioned outline, the two most distinct relief elevations of the city are highlighted, namely, the "Corcovado" mountain with the colossal statue of Christ the Redeemer, and the "Pão de Açúcar" (Sugarloaf) hill.

Also, in our logo set of images, to top it off, the Brazilian national colors, green, yellow, blue and white, are represented, in different shades, softly and elegantly harmonized in the IALA Color Palette.

20<sup>th</sup> IALA International Conference:  The Logo Concept

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